Tomoka brews began on Pete & Jen’s front porch.

When their culinary sensibilities collided with a brew kit, they crafted wild drinks to match their favorite foods.

They opened a nano-brewpub in Ormond Beach, sharing their passions with the world— their brews, their innovative pizzas, their love of the outdoors and pure, natural flavors. Everyone knows a good chef’s foundation is great ingredients, and the same goes for Tomoka’s beer recipes. No fake flavors, just bold, all-natural taste.

And that pristine flavor profile gained them instant recognition, and multiple honors at the Best Florida Beer Championship.

Building on that success, they partnered with aficionado Rich McCarthy and his son Mike (also a home brewer with a passion for flavor) to open a second, larger brewery in Port Orange (with an expanded menu to match). It’s the same high-quality, all-natural recipes… just way more of ‘em!

Coming from Colorado, Rich watched the craft beer industry explode, and had been searching for a partner to open his own brewery. When he met Pete & Jen, it was a match at first taste. Rich’s business savvy with these creative, pure brews was the perfect blend to carry Tomoka’s delicious legacy to Port Orange.

Drink up, and taste the vivid, full-bodied flavors of all-natural Tomoka beer for yourself.